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On the Danish Classical Music Award Event 14. February Michala Petri will receive the honour of being Danish National Radio Artist of the Year 2019,- and MARIN is nominated as Best Classical Album
13 February 2019
The Danish Music Award Event in Musikkens Hus in Alborg February the 14th is very speciel for OUR Recordings. Michala Petri will receive the hounour of beeing Artist of the Year 2019 at the Danish National Radio,- and there will throughout the year be a lot of focus on her activiteis in the Danish Classical Radio Station P2. Michalka will worldpremiere German composer Markus Zahnhausen´s wonderful recorder concerto "recordare" - and ply with the orchestra concertmaster Bach Double Concerto for violin and obe!
MARIN DVD/SACD  is nominated as Best Classical Album, New Music,- and music by Axel Borup-Jørgensen will played on the live transmitted concert.

The new CD "American Recorder Concertos" just arrived from Sonopress
08 February 2019
The new CD "American Recorder Concertos" with music by Roberto Sierra, Steven Stucky, Anthony Newman and Sean Hickey just arrived. The Danish release will be February the 14th in connection to the Danish Music Award Event in Ålborg,- and the world wide release is scheduled to be primo April 2019.

MARIN nominated for the Danish Grammy P2 Award
11 December 2018
The Danish Radio P2 Award is recognized here in Denmark as the "Danish Grammy". Basically there are 3 categories.
1: Best Danish release,- classical
2: Best Danish release, new classical
3: Best Foreign Album
I am very happy, on behalf of all involved in the DVD/SACD Box set MARIN, that the Jury has nominated MARIN as 1 out of 3 in the Category Best Danish release,- new classical. It has been fantastic to dig really deep in one composer,- and in 5 years been involved in 10 re...leased with Axel Borup-Jørgensen´s music. - creating an animation video of his masterpiece , the symphonic poetry Marin op.60,- making a portrait film AXEL,- and arranging "Musical Installations" and many other evnets with his music.
Next year there will be several events around Denmark where the Film will be on the program,- and Danish National Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Thomas Søndergård, will have it on the programme in October.

The Secret Mass nominated for the prestigious ICMA AWARD
21.November 2018
The final result with all the winners will be published January 17, 2019. The Award Ceremony and Gala concert will take place on 10 May 2019 at the KKL in Lucerne, hosted by the Lucerne Symphony Orchestra.

New release uploaded
04 November 2018
OUR Recording next CD "floating islands" - Guitar Music by Axel Borup-Jørgensen is uploaded for Sonopress.
The Danish release will be at a concert in Rundetårn i Copenhagen on November the 22th,- the birthsday of the composer.
Frederik Munk Larseb will play works from the new CD and works written for him by Danish composer Simon Steen Andersen.

MARIN receives the German "Grammy" Der Deutsche Klassikpreis "OPUS Klassisk"
02 September 2018

Congratulations to the whole team behind the Animation Video MARIN, which on October the 14th will recieve , in Berlin KoncertHaus, with ZDF Broadcast, one of the most prestigous music industry awards,- the "German Grammy" OPUS Klassik.
The category is " Best DVD/BLUE RAY MusikVideo"

Årstiderne,- CD of the week on Danish Radio P2
02 September 2018
The new release "Årstiderne-28 Danish Songs" will the next week be played a lot on DR P2, as the CD of the week.

Michala Petri Classical Artist of ther Year on Danish National Broadcast 2019
21 August 2018
Congratulations! Today it was announcghed that Michla Petri will be the next Artist of the Year on Danish National Radio in 2019. On various programs on the Classical Radio Station P2 there will be focus on Michala Petri´s various concerts and projects.  

Recording of Anthony Newman´s Concerto for recorder, harpsichord and strings
25 July 2018
Tomorrow we will record the wonderful Concerto for recorder, harpsichord and strings by Anthony Newnam. The composer will paly the harpsichordpart, and Nordic String Quartet will paticipate. The recording will take place in Mariendal Church in Frederiksberg, Denmark, and Michala Nymand and Lars Hannibal will produce. The pice will be part of the Album American Recorder Concertos.

Michala Petri´s 60 Years Birthday Concert i Tivoli Gardens Concert Hall.
28 June 2018
On July the 1st Tivoli Garden in Copenhagen celebrate Michala Petr´s 60 years Birthday with a concert with Tivoli Copenhagen Phil in the Concert Hall. Alexander Shelley is conduction and Michala will world premiere Roberto Sierra recorder concerto,- and play Telemann A-minor suite. As a surprise 100 recorderplayers will play together with Michala "Michalauet", and new piece for this occasion written by Sunleif Rasmussen. Michala played with the same orchestra and in the same Hall 50 years ago on July the 17st 1968. CONGRATULATIONS
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