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New Christmas CD
20 December 2007
20 years ago Michala recorded a Christmas Album for BMG,- but for many years it has not been available. Now she just finished a new Christmas Album, Petris Jul, with Danish Radio Sinfonietta conducted by Henrik Vagn Christensen.The repertoire is a combination of Danish traditinal Christmas Songs and Psalms, and Classical music related to Christmas time. The recording is a co-production between OUR Recordings and Foreign Media Group Scandinavia. The release is scheduled to be medio November 2007.

Deutschlandfunk Programme
20 December 2007
Together with guitarist Lars Hannibal, Michala was asked to make a one hour program called Klassik-Pop-et cetera. The idea is to give the artists a possibility to play and talk about some of the music they like when they are listeners themselves. The program will be broadcasted on Deutschlandfunk December the 1th.

World premiere of Northern Concerto
20 December 2007
On july the 13th Michala premiered Northern Concerto by Joan Albert Amargos in Singapore with Mahai Tang conducting the Singapore Symphony Orchestra.
The piece is already recorded and released on OUR Recordings in June 2007

Ambassador Xie Hangsheng attended the Chinese Denmark Duet Concert
16 December 2007
Danish guitarist Lars Hannibal and Chinese flutist Chenyue held the "Spirits" concert at the Concert Hall in the famous New Carlsberg Museum of Copenhagen, Denmark on April 1st. Chinese Ambassdor Xie Hangsheng Hangsheng, and an audience of approximately 500 Danish musicians, artists and music lovers attended the concert.

    A new level of exchange between Western and Chinese cultures is acheived after the embassy's after our embassy's "Jazz & Folk" project of the Spring Festival. Mr. Lars Hannibal is one of Europe's most famous guitarist and has received many European and Danish music awards. He has devoted himself to the cultural exchance between China and Denmark, especially in the field of music, and has been successful in raising awareness of Chinese music to the rest of the world. Ms Chenyue studied under famous flutists in China since her childhood and is now herself a teacher at Chinese Central Conservatory. Following a long-term cooperation and numerous rehearsals, Lars and Chenyue will make you experience new feelings from these famous Chinese and Western melodies.

    At the concert, the audience enjoyed the familiar Chinese and Danish melodies such as "Jasmine", "Deep in the Forest" . What's more exciting is the featured guest Michala Petri, Lars Hannibal's wife, who is the very talented well-known as the best recordist in the world. The climax of the concert came as featured guest Michala Petri, joined the duo on stage to perform the Chinese folk song "Autumn Pieces".  Michala Petri is Hannibal's wife, and the world's foremost recorder player.  Their rendition drew the most applause of the evening.

Ambassador Xie Hangsheng congratulated the artists at the post-concert party.  Lars Hannibal thanked Mr. Xie for attending and presented him with the newly released "Spirits" guitar and xiao duet CD as a gift.

From our latest trip to London
16 December 2007
Again a wonderfull concert in Purcells Room in London

Recording of New CD
16 December 2007
In January Michala and I recorded music to a new cd in Torpen Lapel in Humlebæk,- Denmark

Recording in Beijing
16 December 2007
I just went back from China after a.m.o. 2 wonderful nights in Beijing recording  with Chinese Xiao player Chenyue.

PR Tour : Beijing-Shanghai, China
Oct 15 - 22

22 April 2006
The "Four Seasons" CD with Swedish Chamber orchestra and Thomas Dausgaard has now been released inGermany and Switzerland. For more info see EMIs website:

CONCERTO Recording
10 April 2006
Michala has just finished recording sessions with Danish National Symphony Orchestra and Chinese conductor Lan Shui of three contemporary concertos composed for her:
American Steven Stucky: "Etudes" (2000); Swedish Daniel Börtz: "Pipes and Bells" (2002) and Spanish Juan Albert Amargos: "Northern Concerto" (2005). The CD is scheduled for release at EMI in the fall 2006.
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