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Music for Emperors
02 September 2008
Yesterday I had the great pleasure to share a concert in the Church at Elsinor Castle,(Hamlet Castle) with the great Dhrudbad singer from India, Ashish Sankrityayan.
The idea with the concert was to have music from the same period from India and Europe presented at the same concert. In India it was Akbar the great, and in Denmark Frederik 2 and Christian 4 who roled in the last half of the 1500 century.
I have never heard this fantastic art form, dhrudbad singing, in a concert before, so it was fanatsic to hear this Master of the art perform.
The music is so complex that it is not possible to write down, so it is not existing in notation, only by descriptions, and learning from a Master to his disciple! Ashish trained 20 years with his Master before he made his first concert 7 years ago.
...To meet or not to meet,- thats the question!

The Label of the Month in Gramophone China
27 August 2008
We are very happy to announce that OUR Recordings is the Label of the month in Gramophone China!
With this great honour there is a label story, reviews of Mozart Flute Quartets and Spirits, and a compilation CD with music from all OUR releases so far!

Winner of the sign in contest found!
10 August 2008
The winner of the "sign in" contest is a young recorder student Grace from Hong Kong. The Spirit DVD/CD is already send to her. Congratulation!

50 Years Anniversary Concert for Michala 7/7-08
13 July 2008
The concert in Tivoli Gardens with Kremerata Baltica was a fantastic tribute to music with a most exiting program. 1800 people was enthusiastic audience in the totally sold out Concert Hall in the beautifull Tivoli Gardens in Copenhagen, where Michala had her debut on July the 9th 1969, only 11 years old.

Videos also on the site now!
15 June 2008
A new item is added to the site . Videos hosted by YouTube is now possible to watch directly from this site!

Listen to Mozart Flute Quartets
31 May 2008
Michala Petri's new recording of the four flute quartets, that Mozart originally wrote for travers flute, is now avaiable for listening on the site.
The worldwide releasedate is scheduled to be July the 1th.

Mozart Flute Quartets now finished
31 May 2008
Mozart 4 Flute Quartets, with Michala Petri, Carolin Widmann, Uli Ulijona and Marta Sudraba, which was recorded August 2007, is now edited and mastered and send of to Sonopress in Germany. The release will be late June, in connection with Michala Petri's 50 years anniversary concert, on her birthday, July the 7th.
The concert will take place in Tivoli Gardens Concert Hall in Copenhagen where she will play with Kremerata Baltica in a program that reflects her almost 40 years on stage. Baroque music, represented by Antonio Vivaldi, Classical Music, represented by W.A.Mozart, and contemporary music by Artem Vassiliev and Chen Yi.

Recording in Oslo, Norway
May 20 & 21 2008

Concert in Shanghai Concert Hall
18 May 2008
On April the 6th 2008 Michala, Chenyue and Hannibal played a concert with the title"Dialogue-East meets West" in the fantastic Shanghai Concert Hall. The Shanghai Televsion (SMG) brought some of the concert in the News tha day after, seen by 25.000.000 people in the Shanghai area, and also some more from the concert 5 days after.

Mario Giuliani
18 May 2008
Mario Giuliani. Works for violin and guitar. Duo Concertante - violin: Kim Sjøgren; guitar: Lars Hannibal. OUR Recordings . 8.226904

Mario Giuliani (1781 - 1829) is today mainly known by lovers of the classical guitarmusic. When he lived he was an unavoidable Italian guitarvirtuoso and  one of the last great classical spokesmen for his instrumet until its re-rise in the beginning of the 20. century.

After a succesful  European Tour, he settled down in Vienna in 1806 while the italians more loved  opera than classical guitar, and here he was soon a part of the Viennese establishment. Apart from performing others music he also composed, and three of his works for violin and guitar is  recorded by Duo Concertante,  Kim Sjøgren on violin and Lars Hannibal on guitar. Even the guitar,as mentioned, was Giulianis prefered instrument, it is interesting enough the focus on this cd is on the violin, where the guitar more has an accompagnement function.

The music is sweet, languorous, seductive, and particulary romantic! The comparison could be with todays informel and artistic un ambitious  easy listening, that do not move the listener but is a delicious back ground sound. But being played so clever like on this recording of two such good musicians as Sjøgren and Hannibal, you can only nod your head in appreciation. The three works are rhytmical  well modulated and melodic inspired, and it is great that those recordings from 1988 is released on a cd that is perfect for loaf Sundays!

Jakob Holm, Kristligt dagblad January 2008
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