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New CD just finished!
07 March 2012
New OUR Recordings CD! Just finished the artwork and master for a new cd with the title Half Monk-Half Rascal. Choir music by Francis Poulenc with Danish National Vocal Ensemble conducted by Stephen Layton! GREAT music,. GREAT Choir and a GREAT conductor! If you like Poulenc and his vocal music,- this is it!! International release is sheduled to be March 2012

Baroque Virtuoso on the CD Hot List at Baker & Taylor for February
03 February 2012
Michala Petri (recorder) and Lars Hannibal (archlute) present here a winning program of arrangements based on works by baroque composers both familiar (Bach, Corelli, Handel) and less so (Vitali, Chedeville). Petri's virtuosity is legendary, and over the course of a 40-year career she has lost not a step. Hannibal is an equally skillful accompanist, and the program is a delight. (RA)

New CD Half Monk-Half Rascal with Music by Poulenc is now finished.
24 January 2012
The New CD with Danish National Vocal Ensemble conducted by Stepen Layton is now finished, and wilol have the international release march the 1th. The title of the CD is Half Monk-Half Rascal and contains choir music by Francis Poulenc!

Grammy Nomination for Chinese Recorder Concertos in categry Best Classical Instrumental Solo
01 December 2011
OUR Recordings is proud to announce that the CD Chinese Recorder Concertos with Michala Petri and Copenhagen Philharmonic conducted by maestro Shui Lan, today recieved a Grammy Nomination in the category Best Classical Instrumental Solo. The CD is  SACD produced by Preben Ivan,- Timbre Music!
Listen to the music on this website!

Michala Petri in 2 TV shows in Korea
21 November 2011
Today Michala Petri appears in 2 popular TV shows in Korea to help promoting the interest of the recorder in Korea. Wedensday she will make a concert i Seoul with Korea String Ensemble Joy of Strings!

New worldwide release and 5 years Birthday!
01 November 2011
Today OUR Recordings can celebrate 5 years Birthday with a worldwide release of The Nightingale,- a CD with 4 new works for recorder and choir with Michala Petri, Danish National Vocal Ensemble and English conductor Stephen Layton! The composers are Ugis Praulins, Daniel Börtz, Sunleif Rasmussen and Peter Bruun!

Virtuoso Baroque is now worldwide released.
02 October 2011
October the 1th is the official release date for the 20 Year Anniversary CD for Petri/Hannibal Duo, titled Virtuoso Baroque. For the first time the Duo present a CD with only baroque music.

Petri/Hannibal Duo 20 Years Anniversary Denmark Tour
September 5th to 25th 2011

Recording of 4 new works for Recorder and Choir
25 August 2011
August the 8th Michala will start recording in Christianskirken in Copenhagen  of 4 new works written for her by Swedish Daniel Böertz, Lituanian Ugis Prawlins, Danish Peter Bruun and Sunleif Rasmussen from Faroe Islands. DR Vocal Ensemble will be conducted by Stephen Layton from UK. Release is scheduled to be mid November 2011

Petri/Hannibal Duo 20 Year Anniversary CD "Virtuoso Baroque" is now finished!
25 August 2011
The new CD "Virtuoso Baroque" contains works by the great baroque masters: Bach, Händel, Telemann, Vivaldi, Corelli, Tartini and Vitali. The release is scheduled to be ultimo September 2011.
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