Petri/Hannibal Duo new Recording
02 March 2017
Tonight Petri/Hannibal Duo will finish a new recording that celebrates their 25 years Anniversary.
Composers are Lalo, Nielsen, Grieg, Asger Lund Christiansen, Weliang and Hannibal

Petri/Hannibal Duo German Tour Begins
Dec 8 2013

Petri/Hannibal now Radio Hosts on Radio Klassisk in Denmark!
30 September 2012
Every Sunday Morning from 9 - 12 you can hear Michala Petri and Lars Hannibal as Radio hosts on Radio Klassisk in Denmark. The programme is called "Barokkeri",- and the focus is baroque music, but there will also be a lot of other popular classical music.

Baroque Virtuoso on the CD Hot List at Baker & Taylor for February
03 February 2012
Michala Petri (recorder) and Lars Hannibal (archlute) present here a winning program of arrangements based on works by baroque composers both familiar (Bach, Corelli, Handel) and less so (Vitali, Chedeville). Petri's virtuosity is legendary, and over the course of a 40-year career she has lost not a step. Hannibal is an equally skillful accompanist, and the program is a delight. (RA)

Virtuoso Baroque is now worldwide released.
02 October 2011
October the 1th is the official release date for the 20 Year Anniversary CD for Petri/Hannibal Duo, titled Virtuoso Baroque. For the first time the Duo present a CD with only baroque music.

Petri/Hannibal Duo 20 Years Anniversary Denmark Tour
September 5th to 25th 2011

Petri/Hannibal Duo 20 Year Anniversary CD "Virtuoso Baroque" is now finished!
25 August 2011
The new CD "Virtuoso Baroque" contains works by the great baroque masters: Bach, Händel, Telemann, Vivaldi, Corelli, Tartini and Vitali. The release is scheduled to be ultimo September 2011.

20 years Anniversary Tour in Danish Churches 2011
07 March 2011
In April and September Petri/Hannibal duo will make a Tour in Danish Churches to celebrate the 20 years Anniversary for the Duo. The Tour is arranged by NK Music, / Periods are 4-17.april and 9-25.september.